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Location Strategy

Optimising global operations through a range of strategies

Our Location Strategy service aims to optimise global business operations through a range of nearshoring and offshoring portfolio and labour strategies. It examines aspects such as labour market opportunities, infrastructure maturity, real estate availability, government incentives, and tax optimisation for corporations looking to operate and optimise business operations and supply chains on a global basis.

Our expertise in advising global corporations on strategic location decisions bring an added dimension to our service proposition for clients whether they are already established in EMEA, or looking to expand and grow in the region and beyond.

Drawing on over 850 projects delivered, we help you solve worldwide corporate footprint challenges:

  • Translate business drivers into realistic operating models
  • Optimally balance operational excellence and cost efficiencies
  • Design and implement location strategies

Business case

  • As cost scrutiny increases, what is the feasibility/payback from changing the current model?

Delivery method

  • What are the new relationships to the markets and does the old model till hold?

Location Strategy

  • What is the optimal delivery network, balancing costs, operating conditions and risks?

Process allocation

  • What goes where, onshore, nearshore, offshore, intelligent automation or outsourcing?

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