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Rodrigo Makuc

Director | Corporate Finance Division

El Regidor 66 - Piso 12
Las Condes
Santiago, Región Metropolitana

Oficina: +56 2 2496 1543

Celular: +56992078860



I starter my career as a Credit Analyst at Bank Boston Chile (subsidiary of Bank of America at that time). After that I worked for 5 years as a Relationship Manger of the Local and Multinational Corporate Division (in Bank Boston and ABN Amro) were was able to continuously exceed budget in term of revenues and client incorporation.   


My main accomplishment is to develop a new area almost from zero. Since my arrival to Colliers, we have been able to develop a close relationship with investors, managing a portfolio of more than 200 clients segmented under their investment criteria.  Besides me, the area is comprised of three Investment Brokers, who are highly competent professionals with deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Currently the area is exceeding the budget in revenue terms, thanks to specific transactions in which we were able to match the requirements of different parties and work together with other Collier’s areas in order to deliver a product with more value added. Besides we have carried out financial advisories to top corporate clients, in order to measure the benefits of consolidating operations and were valued tools for the companies


Capital Markets and Investment Sales


Cruz del Sur Telefonica Nevasa Nadic Crillon Indigo


MBA at IESE business school

Business administration at Universidad de Chile

-33,41567200 -70,59638500

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