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Lenneke finished her education CMV in 2007, than started her career at Colliers International (former Boer Hartog Hooft) as assistent Inverstments.

In 2009 she became coördinator Investments. As coördinator she is active in various commercial buying and selling, troughout all of The Netherlands.

She is coördinator with various buying and selling of residential complexes as well.

As coördinator Lenneke takes care of everything that needs to be done during buying and selling. She guides the process of a thorough due diligence.


The last 6 years I coordinated by large buying and selling 


Capital Markets and Investment Sales


GBF, ING, NSpoort, ASR Vastgoed, Bouwfonds, CBRE, IVG Institunional Funds, Synchroon Development, Internos, Syntrus Achmea Finance and SNS Bank, Nieuwe Steen Investments, Amsterdamse Huizenhandel Maatschappij





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Lenneke den Haan

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