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Edvard Erdos | Colliers | Budapest

Edvard Erdos


Property Manager | REMS Hungary

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Professional Summary

Before joining Colliers, he spent 2 years at another Budapest located property management company, where he worked for 3 different, international Clients and managed 2 or more A+ category office buildings simultaneously. Having only foreigner contacts, Edvard gained advanced level English profficiency, with a focus on financial language.

Edvard started his professional carreer in property management in 2012 as an administrator trainee, in the management of a Budapest shopping center. Since then, he had the chance to learn the profession in various positions: spent 2 years at one of the biggest property developer of Hungary, where he had the chance to join office projects from a structure-ready phase 2 times, with the core duty of having these buildings transformed to operation from construction, leaving him with a great knowledge of development processes, and an overall knowledge of building mechanics.

Having realised the key importance of data handling and usage, he also managed to  gain advanced proficiency in Excel,  with a passion for data-driven mindset so strong he also became an Excel trainer to help colleagues realise that a constant seeking of process improvement is possible when you have the skills that enables it. His strive for becoming better led him learn new skillsets, like VBA coding - process automation. 

Thinking that technology is inevitably taking over the focus in building management, recently he learns coding languages like Python, R, to be able to communicate with and handle all the new devices that's changing the industry (IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, AR - VR - MR, artificial intelligence, proptech, contech, fintech)


Edvard has a degree in accounting&finance from the Budapest College of Accounting and Finance, but he also taught himself in Excel to advanced (trainer) level, as well as in using VBA for process automation. He speaks fluent English, with an outstanding knowledge of financial  language.

Recently he spends time on learning coding languages, as he sees the ability to 'speak' on machines' language a key for future progress.



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