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Ser Solidario es Importante para Nosotros

Giving back is an essential part of who we are. We donate our time, talents and resources to causes that are meaningful to our employees, their families, our clients and communities.

We’re also deeply committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices—the kind that keep our communities healthy while supporting the long-term success of business.

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Leadership in Philanthropy

At Colliers, we support both global and local charities that our professionals and clients are passionate about. Our sponsorships range from donating volunteer hours and in-kind service to cash gifts, and in keeping with our flexible enterprise operating model, most of the charitable decisions happen at the local level.

On a global basis, we are the founding corporate sponsor of Everyone Gives, a global social giving event ( Everyone Gives empowers givers to support the causes they care about and multiply their gift through the power of their social networks.

In its inaugural year, Everyone Gives raised nearly $750,000 from 12,159 participants in 64 countries, on behalf of nearly 1,500 charities worldwide. This campaign demonstrated our ability to unite behind a common cause, while respecting and encouraging local action, since 100% of donations went directly to the cause of the donor’s choice.

Leadership in Sustainability

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At Colliers International, we acknowledge our responsibility as one of the world's largest real estate service companies to be leaders in thought and action supporting sustainability for business and the built environment.

Did you know that most of the world's pollution comes from buildings? Most people think it comes from cars, but that's not true—in fact, only about 16% of the world's pollution comes from cars, while 40% comes from buildings. As a result, Colliers and our clients have an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact on environmental stewardship through our sustainability services.

Building energy use represents a significant percentage of most companies’ carbon footprints. Energy savings and reduced waste in buildings is also cost-effective and financially rewarding.

Colliers’ sustainability strategies help our clients create healthier workplaces, which can improve employee attraction, retention, wellness and productivity while improving each organization’s financial performance and brand.

To help our clients reach these goals, we sell, lease and manage green space on behalf of landlords, and help tenants find, lease, build out and project manage green space. We also help certify both structural and commercial interior green buildings. Colliers has more than 200 LEED accredited professionals, including LEED-certified project managers.

Colliers’ global reach, extensive client base, distribution network, emphasis on knowledge leadership and our talented team of researchers, communicators, negotiators and implementers allows us to play a key role in the sustainability movement.

Our professional development backbone, Colliers University, offers more than 35 courses in sustainability and green building to further this mission. Courses include:

  • Building Green Services 1 – Commercial Investment Advisory
  • Green Leases
  • Business Case for Sustainability & Green Buildings
  • Green Occupancy
  • Energy Performance of Buildings
  • LEED® AP (accredited professional) and LEED green associate exam prep courses

We believe leadership in sustainability must start at home
We are developing and piloting a comprehensive system for measuring and reducing our carbon footprint as a company and educating our people to do the same at home. Greening of operations is implemented at both the national and local levels, including our green office programs which are aimed at generating grassroots involvement and cultural transformation. We also collaborate to implement leading green building solutions and share research, knowledge and best practices internationally.

To Colliers, sustainability represents new opportunities for growth and vitality in business, society and our individual lives. We are inspired to rise to the global challenge we all face today and are committed to helping improve the legacy of our global society.

Founding partners and sponsors
Colliers is a Founding Global Partner of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC). Our mutual goal is to lead rapid global market transformation to a more sustainable future. We act as an ambassador to the WorldGBC, provide leadership and strategic input for sustainability initiatives on a global basis, support the WorldGBC and existing national Green Building Councils and play a leadership role in the formation of new Green Building Councils in many countries where none exist.

We are especially proud of Colliers’ success in creating national Green Building Councils around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Leadership in World Affairs

Colliers International is proud to be a member of the World Economic Forum, whose mission is “improving the state of the world.”

At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland and at several additional meetings worldwide throughout the year, the WEF brings together leaders in business, politics, thought, the arts, and non-governmental organizations to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our global president and CEO, Doug Frye, and US CEO, Dylan Taylor, joined more than 2,500 delegates in Davos in 2011 and 2012 and particularly focused their attention on the Infrastructure and Development industry cluster. Frye also co-chaired a session for this cluster during the World Economic Forum meeting in Dailan, China last year.

Colliers International and our business leaders are committed to doing more than business as usual—we believe business must take a leadership role in shaping society. We were the first real estate or financial services firm to sign the WEF’s PACI pledge (Partnering Against Corruption Initiative) because we believe doing the right thing will do long-term good.

Colliers will continue to support the WEF’s mission to improve the state of the world through our business practices, community outreach, commitment to sustainability and willingness to work across borders and boundaries to solve problems and create meaningful solutions.

Organizaciones Apoyadas

Nuestro objetivo es incrementar el nivel de conciencia y responsabilidad social dentro de nuestra compañía. Identificamos organizaciones que necesitan de nuestro apoyo y le brindamos a nuestra gente  la libertad de apoyar proyectos y grupos que son importantes para ellos y sus comunidades locales.

  • Brasil: SOMAR
  • Chile: CREA +
  • Colombia: Un techo para mi país
  • Costa Rica: Hogarcito del PANI
  • México, Distrito Federal: Jardín de niños Corinca y Naturalia
  • México, Guadalajara: Estancia de la Senectud
  • México, Monterrey: Casa Simón de Betania
  • México, Cancún: Liberación de tortuga marina
  • Panamá: Fundación Nutricional Teresa de Jesus  (NUTEJE)
  • Perú: Puericultorio Pérez Araníbar

Ser Verde Importa

Como parte de nuestro compromiso hacia la sustentabilidad, nos sentimos orgullosos de ser uno de los fundadores y patrocinadores del World Green Building Council. La más grande organización que promueve la construcción de edificios verdes.

Sabías qué...

¿Sabías que la mayoría de las emisiones de efecto invernadero en el mundo no provienen de los automóviles? Los autos emiten sólo alrededor del 16% de esa contaminación, mientras que los edificios crean un 40% de emisiones. Un pequeño cambio en la eficiencia de un edificio puede resultar en un enorme y positivo impacto ambiental.