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Manuel Gucciardo | Colliers | Monterrey

Manuel Gucciardo

Dir. of Business Development | Monterrey

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Resumen Profesional

Dynamic 30-year Senior Management career leading successful international sales, marketing and business development programs worldwide.  Consistently successful in identifying and capitalizing upon market opportunities to drive revenue growth, increase profits and accelerate global expansion.  Equally effective in reorganizing, streamlining and strengthening Supply Chain operations.  Skilled negotiator with excellent organizational, leadership, team building and project management qualifications.

Structured and negotiated distribution, manufacturing, and sales contracts in over 20 culturally diverse nations worldwide.



GENERAL MANAGER  OF INTERNATIONAL SALES & BUSINESS  DEVMT.   for  Cigarrera La Moderna (currently BAT Mexico)        

Senior Executive with full strategic and tactical responsibility for developing and leading the company's worldwide international sales & business development programs.  Challenged to plan and execute a large-scale global expansion and marketing initiative to transition Cigarrera La Moderna (CLM), the largest cigarette manufacturer in Mexico, from a national to an international organization. 

Provide leadership for a team of management professionals.  Collaborate and coordinate sales efforts with Production, Q.C., R&D, Logistics, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing and Shipping departments. Developed and maintained relationships with clients, shipping companies and financial institutions.

—  Captured international business opportunities worldwide; delivered annual revenue  increases of $30+MUS.

—  Spearheaded market entry into the Middle East, China, USA, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives Islands, Mongolia and Korea.

—  Evaluated competitive market trends and implemented product positioning strategies to ensure long-term and sustainable growth.  Orchestrated all brand development and international marketing strategies; obtained necessary trademark registrations.

—  Developed innovative advertising campaigns; created a positive image of Mexican cigarettes as a quality product.

—  Negotiated complex cross-border sales, manufacturing and distribution contracts and commission agreements.  Negotiated contract termination when necessary.

—  Led multidisciplinary teams in the analysis and presentation of various projects to the company President / CEO.

—  Set-up and directed four regional offices in Hong Kong, Brussels / Moscow, Cyprus & Mexico; significantly improving customer service.

Soluciones Inteligentes En Madera  (Currently Kayak Packaging)


Developed an extensive and profitable supplier base for the company improving the overall business profitability. Most of the domestic suppliers are located in high risk areas of the country, international suppliers are located in the U.S. Mexican clients are world class companies located in Northern Mexico.

·         Increased sales by 20% in the first 6 Months.

·         Achieved savings of $7 Million Pesos in the purchase of imported wood products (raw material) by negotiating a yearly contract and fixing prices.

·         Achieving a 30% cost reduction in domestic cost of raw materials by negotiating directly with Mexican producers located in high risk areas and setting up an efficient supply chain for the production, inspection, treating and transportation of forest products.



Senior Business Management (Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas)

Architecture (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León)

International Business (Instituto Mexicano de Comercio Exterior)


Grupo Vector Casa de Bolsa

Grupo Senda

Grupo Xignux

Laboratorios Sophia



December 27, 2018
RE: Manuel Gucciardo
To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Manuel for many years both professionally and on a personal level. Manuel and I worked very closely together on many transactions, most of which involve parties outside of Mexico, during Manuel’s tenure at CLM.
In the course of my work with Manuel he demonstrated exceptional dedication and insight in creating business opportunities desired by CLM, negotiating transactions to capitalize on those opportunities and bringing them to a successful conclusion. He and I also worked to gather in resolving ,on a business level potential disputes with parties to those transactions, which often resulted in a continuing business relationship between CLM and the other party.
Manuel also demonstrated a keen instinct in identifying potential business issues before and during potential negotiations, enabling our firm to prepare documentation of the transaction that gave us the ability to resolve disputes without resort to formal legal action.
Manuel always demonstrated his integrity and loyalty to his employer and enhanced our firm’s ability to provide superior legal services to CLM.
I would highly recommend Manuel for employment in any position consistent with his business experience.
If you have any questions or need further comments from me please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


REFERENCES of Manuel Gucciardo
(Published in:
General Manager of International Sales and New Market Development at Cigarrera La Moderna (BAT Mexico)

Vincent Potier
Founder, London Digital Ventures Ltd - Digital media ventures- Data privacy/GDPR/CCPA/LGPD - DPO - Green technology
January 21, 2019, Vincent reported directly to Manuel
Vincent Potier , Sales Manager, Asia-Pacific , Cigarerra La Moderna (BAT Mexico) reported to Manuel at Cigarrera La Moderna (BAT Mexico)
“Manuel was my boss for 3 years, between 1993 and 1996, when I was Head of Sales for the Asia-Pacific region at Cigarrera La Moderna (BAT Mexico), based in Hong Kong. These were formative years for me. Working for Manuel was just amazing. He is a very seasoned senior executive, a real business man capable of dealing with large corporations and entrepreneurial business partners. Manuel always listened to my ideas, guided me, advised me, coached me, and taught me most of what I know about sales and business development, frankly. Over the years we've worked together, Manuel has done a fantastic job building a significant international business for Cigarrera La Moderna from scratch, through joint ventures, distributorships, commercial agents, licensing agreements, manufacturing projects. Manuel is both a people and a numbers person. Very results-oriented, he is also one of the most confident and effective international GMs I have encountered.

Carlos Arredondo Martinez
Honorary Consul of Mexico at Sacco Corporate Strategy
February 9, 2019, Carlos reported directly to Manuel
Having an extraordinary professional experience, working under the direction of Manuel Gucciardo, I can assure that he has exceptional qualities in the activities related to international promotion.

Jose Luis Bejarano Vela , GTE. ADMINISTRATIVO , WATER TECHNOLOGIES DE MEXICO. worked directly with Manuel at Cigarrera La Moderna (BAT Mexico)
“Excelente negociador, buen control gerencial, tiene experiencia en compras internacionales, le toco abrir mercados para ventas internacionales en mercados de oriente y Europa con magníficos resultados, trabaja bajo objetivos y tiene buena capacidad para trabajar bajo presión.” February 15, 2010.
Industrial Promotion & Development Director at Economic Development Office at the Government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

David Amado hired Manuel as Industrial Development Support in 2002
“Manuel is a very creative thinker and played a key role in attracting and developing many industrial sectors in the state. In particular, he was key in orchestrating the development strategy for the Aerospace Industry. Manuel learned quickly the needs of the companies and elaborated excellent programs to address those needs. He recruited and trained an outstanding team that was results driven with a clear focus on the needs of the businesses trying to establish a presence in Mexico as well as the local supply base working to meet the industrial standards and requirements. His professionalism and interpersonal skills made him a highly valued contributor to our success as a company. He is an excellent communicator and a key agent for change.” February 16, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.

Federico Iglesias , Account Manager , NEORIS de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. was with another company when working with Manuel at Economic Development Office at the Government of The State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
“Manuel is a business professional with vast knowledge, experience and great insight on the Mexican and USA markets. I have been associated with Manuel on a number of projects during which he has shown extraordinary vision. He is always flexible in problem solving while maintaining a grounded approach of what is possible and achievable: for example, Manuel is an expert on cutting “red tape” to move projects forward without loosing sight of the benefit of compliance. His leadership skills are distinguished by clarity of purpose with strong commitments to the schedule and the budget.” February 13, 2010

Abogado Senior con Orientación a Negocios
December 20, 2018, Manuel worked with ALBERTO in the same group
Conocí a Manuel como compañero de trabajo en Gobierno del Estado. Recomiendo a Manuel en lo personal y en lo profesional. En lo profesional Manuel es Efectivo y Eficiente. Es decir se ocupa en conseguir el resultado en el menor tiempo posible. A Manuel le gusta hacer organizarce haciendo planes, definiendo acciones y ejecutando tareas. Manuel es tanto un excelente líder como jugador de equipo. Delega realmente responsabilidades y atribuciones en su gente y cuando juega en equipo hace uso efectivo del tiempo y expresa con claridad sus puntos de vista. En lo personal es un hombre de familia y de amigos. Le gusta desarrollar y nutrir sus relaciones.

Gregorio Canales , Director de Relaciones Gubernamentales , SoftLanding Group México, S.C. worked with Manuel at Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León / Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico
“Manuel es un profesional que vigila el detalle de las cosas. Tiene una mente y forma de trabajar que permite ver un conjunto estructura de cosas donde hay caos. Esto sirve para fijar objetivos y clarificar acciones a tomar. También se aboca a la acción y logra sus metas.” February 22, 2010

Alfonso Peña , Coordinador General del Centro Vinculación Empresarial Nuevo León Mexico , SEDEC Reported to Manuel at Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León / Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico
“Manuel es un líder efectivo en alinear las estrategias de la organización con iniciativas de alto impacto en diferentes ambientes de negocio. En lo personal aprendí de él su profesionalismo, su enfoque a resultados, su habilidad de negociación.” February 24, 2010





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