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Diego Escobar | Colliers | Guadalajara

Diego Escobar

Market Research | Guadalajara

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Resumen Profesional

He began to work in 2014, as an analyst of market research in the industrial area. It was covering the entire market in Guadalajara with market reports on a quarterly basis and in support of the Industrial Brokers.
After completing one year of experience, he began to carry out studies for companies that develop industrial parks in and outside Guadalajara.
In 2015 he was like Broker jr. Industrial. Later, he became an analyst in the office and industrial market.
In 2016, he became a coordinator of the market intelligence area in the industrial and office sectors.
His specialty is to carry out market studies in the industrial and office sectors, he has studied in Cancun, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Mérida, Guadalajara, for several developers.
Especially focuses on studies for developers and investors in these sectors, to help them to know the market and reach conclusions.


Achievement finish his career at the age of 21 years as manager at the Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara, got mutas goals in their work, extraordinary goals and has always sought to reach the professional greatness consolidating put your own company financial and asset advisory and restaurant. In his work he has accomplished what he has set on strategies and objectives in the vast majority came to them and even the supero more than your expectation.


He finished his career as an administrator, and is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), and still learning every day and looking as filled with knowledge to help them grow professionally and culturally.


The main clients with whom he has studied are Hines, EY, HVC, Tierra y Armonía, Prologis, Walmart, Technicolor, Beckmann, KMPG.



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Investigación destacada

jul. 26, 2019

Overview Industrial 2T 2019

En el 2T 2019 en la ciudad de Guadalajara el Mercado Industrial, se ha monitoreado un crecimiento en el inventario de clase A del 10.87% y al trimestre anterior un incremento del 2.33%
jul. 25, 2019

Overview Oficinas 2T 2019 Guadalajara

En el 2T en la ciudad de Guadalajara en el Mercado Oficina, se ha monitoreado un crecimiento en el inventario comparado con el mismo trimestre del año anterior incrementando un 19.4%
may. 7, 2019

Overview Industrial 1T 2019

En el 1T 2019 se ha monitoreado un crecimiento en el inventario, comparado con el mismo trimestre del año anterior, incrementando el inventario en Clase A un 10.43%
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