At Colliers, we support both global and local charities that our professionals and clients are passionate about. Our sponsorships range from donating volunteer hours and in-kind service to cash gifts, and in keeping with our flexible enterprise operating model, most of the charitable decisions happen at the local level.

On a global basis, we are the founding corporate sponsor of Everyone Gives, a global social giving event ( Everyone Gives empowers givers to support the causes they care about and multiply their gift through the power of their social networks.

Message from Doug Frye, Global CEO and President

In its inaugural year, Everyone Gives raised nearly $750,000 from 12,159 participants in 64 countries, on behalf of nearly 1,500 charities worldwide. This campaign demonstrated our ability to unite behind a common cause, while respecting and encouraging local action, since 100% of donations went directly to the cause of the donor’s choice.