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Property Marketing

Make your property stand out

We look through a tenant’s lens to get the right eyes on your property. Colliers experts deliver effective marketing plans that include the latest digital strategies to generate demand and attract credit-worthy tenants and investors.

We segment your prospects to maximize marketing resources, and drive prospects through a transaction filter that takes them from awareness to the contract stage. From single-tenant needs to complex portfolio transactions, Colliers will optimize the potential of your property.

Top questions about Property Marketing services

Here are the top questions you might have about the Property Marketing process.

Your Colliers expert will work with you to determine the most effective marketing strategy to generate high-quality leads, utilizing a vast array of tools, ranging from digital marketing and 3D virtual tours to drones to tried-and-true print methods. By constantly monitoring progress and building in opportunities to evaluate the marketing efforts, we lead you through a nimble and productive process that delivers results.

If your needs include daily building operations or valuation and appraisal expertise, explore our other services and specializations, such as Real Estate Management Services and Valuation and Advisory Services.

The tenant or investor you’re looking for is out there. We’re ready to make an introduction and maximize the visibility of your listing. By listening to the needs of all sides, we connect your prospects’ visions with the unique attributes of your property to find the best fit. In addition, our highly-specialized research will ensure your property’s value is fully reflected in the ultimate result.

By partnering with our vast bench of brokerage experts, your property will benefit from local, national and global relationships with companies on the move and a wide spectrum of interested investors.

We act as an extension of your team and are fully invested in understanding your business needs. From positioning to property tours to transaction, we ensure every action is focused on achieving the end goal.

We have found that the most efficient process is a highly collaborative and focused one. We’ll work with you to define the strategies that create the most value and differentiate your property and we’ll execute skillfully within an agreed-upon timeline.

By developing a prospecting hierarchy, closely tracking prospects through our transaction filter and making informed adjustments where necessary, you will find that your marketing dollars are well spent.

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