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Supply Chain Solutions

Network analysis, site selection, and facility operations design to drive optimal business performance


The objective is simple, derive the greatest value for the client

Leveraging the combined understanding of the clients goals and constraints with leading technology, experience and passion for doing what’s right. Our outcomes move the needle and demonstrate long term value for our clients with operational savings that are realized both immediately, as well as continue to be recognized over time. 


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Transportation consistently ranks as the number one cost driver in overall distribution cost, frequently more than 50% of those costs. Any location strategy needs to understand this as the primary consideration in developing a distribution location strategy.

Our services

Hands down, the most important aspect of a location strategy for manufacturing or distribution businesses is understanding the network that is used to support its customers. By having the right number of facilities, in key locations can create competitive advantage in both costs savings as well as speed to consumer. The Colliers Supply Chain Solutions team. Using the client’s own historical data and current network design, we build the baseline which reflects the current situation as the starting point to perform countless iterations based upon the client’s specific goals and constraints, to determine the optimal design to lower costs and/or increase service. Oftentimes, by building the right network and redeploying inventories effectively, on-hand inventories can be reduced creating additional savings and freeing up capital to redeploy to further strengthen the organization.  Partnering with our over 550+ industrial brokers across the United States, we collaborate on the search within the confines of the network optimization results. 
Our services do not stop at just finding the best location, we can also assist in configuring the space to fit your business’ specific needs. Our team spends the time on the front end evaluating your current space requirements and utilization of that space. We evaluate the integration of various processes within the operation and work to determine the right size of the operation for both today, as well as tomorrow. Coupled with our process flow analysis capabilities the team creates a layout and operation that improves upon the assets of your existing facility when designing your next one.
A critical part of understanding your business’ space requirements is understanding how the business works. Whether it be a manufacturing or distribution-oriented operation, having the right processes and flow of goods is paramount in driving the efficiency of the building. Consisting of seasoned supply chain experts, the Colliers Supply Chain Solutions team has the specific knowledge and experience to assist in streamlining processes to increase throughput and lower costs. It’s not all about automation either. It’s about being able to build the right measurable process and ensuring that it is repeatable. This team is capable of performing onsite evaluations of processes and product flow to assist in reconfiguring your current building or helping prepare for a new one.
In order to truly know how effective an operation is, one has to measure every piece of it. As a full-service consulting service, one of our capabilities is providing companies a second set of eyes on their own business and working with our clients to establish metrics and KPIs to drive continuous improvement. Our team works across many industries and has a truly global perspective on logistics which we can be applied to make your operation more successful.
Third-party logistics companies are one of the fastest growing absorbers of industrial real estate. With consumers expecting their products at a faster pace, the options are to develop a larger network of locations internally or find partners. Colliers can help. Our company works globally with many of the largest 3PLs in the industry and the Supply Chain Solutions team has direct experience in procuring as well as managing 3PLs. We operate a fully transparent process of assisting our clients in identifying, qualifying and if necessary, assisting in a full procurement outsourcing requirement.
Connected facilities are key. In a world built around speed, the speed, resilience and capacity of your digital infrastructure is critical to keeping your business online and moving forward. As part of our location assessment capabilities, Colliers provides fiber network mapping services to determine which sites are the most plugged in to the highest levels of network capacity, with which potential carriers. Furthermore, for new construction sites we can review if the optimal high-speed connections are available, or when they will be- critical to know for the evolving e-commerce community.

How our experts help


As a differentiator, the Colliers Supply Chain Solutions team consists of only seasoned supply chain experts from industry who support clients in assisting clients with strategic supply chain related planning. The team bridges the space between the world of supply chain and the world of commercial real estate.


If the client has internal supply chain capabilities, Colliers Supply Chain Solutions team can serve as an intermediary in aligning the internal supply chain objectives into achievable goals centered around a robust location strategy.


For companies that do have internal supply chain capabilities, the Colliers team can serve as a proactive partner in both location strategy consulting, as well as supporting layout, process and incremental improvements within the four walls of the operation.

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