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Portfolio Strategy


A customized approach to solve your toughest problems

Industry-leading portfolio strategy consultants aligning clients’ real estate strategy with their core business, resulting in optimized real estate assets and increased productivity.
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Through our proven approach, portfolio supply and demand are analyzed to develop forward looking occupancy strategies that enable corporate real estate leaders to quickly respond to changing business conditions and be true strategic partners with the enterprise. Each element of a Portfolio Strategy is supported by processes and tools, powered by our Colliers360 platform, which your organization can engage on a project or ongoing basis, and applied at the asset, metro or business unit level. 
Location strategy is the ongoing assessment of how your current locations support your business, as well as forward looking intelligence about potential locations with an emphasis on workforce quality and labor economics. Whether you are looking to broaden your access to critical labor markets, reduce operating costs, or reach new markets, our process combines strategic business thinking with best in-class labor market and economic development data, and real estate intelligence. 
We leverage a design-thinking approach to develop custom analytics that not just speak to your real estate portfolio, but help present compelling key performance indicators that tie to your business. Measures such as location quality, market performance, productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction and cost savings are tailored to meet the needs of the specific businesses you serve. We enable these analytics in the portfolio strategy suite of dashboards powered by Colliers360 so they provide you real-time access to analyze and decide the best direction for your portfolio.  
The highest performing corporate real estate organizations continually invest in their people, processes, and tools. Robust “client relationship management” engages the business in improving long-term operational excellence and profitability, not just short-term cost reduction. Colliers advises on achieving the optimal balance of in-house expertise, supported with excellent service provision, through our Strong Client model. We place a special emphasis on skills and process training to build a robust and respected client organization.
Mergers and Acquisitions (and Dispositions) happen to every organization. Colliers’ Portfolio Strategy Consulting team provides real estate due diligence guidance and support, facilitation and management of legal documents, identification and analysis of consolidation opportunities, merger of real estate information systems and CRE departments, best practices evaluations and “mark to market” valuations and appraisals. These activities speed the process overall process and illuminate synergies beyond the obvious real estate consolidation opportunities.

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