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Whether you’re interested in leasing, investment sales, property management or project management, our Colliers experts will provide you with a solution specifically tailored to government-sector real estate.

Government real estate expertise

Government is the largest real estate sector in the United States and it is also the most complex. To successfully navigate layers of regulations, you need a partner with the right industry relationships and experience with government procurement. By partnering with Colliers, you have access to the industry’s only comprehensive service platform focused solely on government real estate. 

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Property investors are looking for an edge in leasing space to the federal government. They want someone to guide them through the sometimes murky process, determine how to create winning proposals, maximize asset value and ensure that the lease will stand the test of time. Colliers Government Solutions makes the process manageable and we help position our clients to achieve successful results.

We understand government acquisition regulations and the strict performance requirements of the federal lease form. Our team does more than just execute transactions – we pride ourselves on ensuring each lease’s long-term integrity. We stay abreast of all changes in government policy and procedure to advise our clients how to plan, budget, and position their properties to attract and retain federal tenants. Our mission is to provide integrated services that maximize property value and exceed our clients’ investment objectives.


In an uncertain global economy, investors and lenders are favoring the security of government-leased investments. Federal, and even certain state- or municipal-leased assets provide solid credit but underwriting the lease structure can be foreign to many investors and their capital sources. To yield the highest value and best deal execution, Colliers Government Solutions offers a team of capital markets professionals specializing solely in the sale and financing of government-leased properties.


The Government Solutions team accelerates clients' success by providing a deep understanding of factors associated with government-leased real estate, utilizing local market knowledge and leveraging Colliers’ national presence. Our business strategy is geared capital markets services tailored to government-leased properties nationally. We help our clients reach thousands of government property investors and lenders throughout the United States and overseas.


Skilled property management is vital to owners of government-leased properties. The manager is the owner's day-to-day representative and the primary interface with the government tenant. No one has a greater influence on the agency's satisfaction and, ultimately, the probability of renewal. Colliers understands this and that is why we have developed a property management service tailored specifically to government-leased properties.

As part of the Colliers Government Solutions platform our property managers are trained specifically to administer government leases and resolve common conflicts. We keep our management team abreast of changes in the government's leasing policy and we ensure our budgets anticipate future capital needs relating to evolving requirements. Most importantly, we manage properties well. Colliers Real Estate Management Services implements best practices learned from the management of more than 1 billion square feet worldwide.


A unique feature of government leases is that they typically require the property owner to be responsible for the tenant’s buildout or alterations, both at the outset of the lease and throughout its term. Therefore, it’s essential to have a skilled project management team on call. Colliers Government Solutions provides skilled project managers but we take the service a step further: we provide professionals experienced with the unique challenges of these government assignments, such as small business subcontracting, managing multiple stakeholders within GSA and the tenant agencies, and keeping to the schedule.

On-time completion is essential, especially when the government’s lease commencement is predicated on acceptance of their finished space. The government sector is rife with stories of cost overruns and interminable delays. The Colliers team knows how to keep things on track. We create a positive and collaborative working relationship with the government early in the process, actively leading the technical aspects of the design, construction, and occupancy in order to achieve the project objectives. We also make life easy for all parties by planning and coordinating all project deliverables, approvals, budgets, schedules, control mechanisms, resource requirements and communications.

Project management doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, it can be a profit center. Let us show you how Colliers can manage your project—any size, anywhere in the nation.

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Government is the largest real estate sector in the United States, and it may also be the most complex. Navigating layers of statutes, executive orders and regulations requires a partner with the right industry relationships and experience.


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