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Flexible Workspace Consulting

An enterprise approach to unlocking talent & business flexibility

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Untether your portfolio

The future is about choice. Building deliberate real estate flexibility is key to enabling a nimble business strategy. 

We understand the underlying business drivers that inform a flexible workspace strategy.


Successfully helping clients develop a distributed real estate strategy.


1 in 4 occupiers projected at least 20% of their portfolio will be in flexible
workspace in three years, up from less than 5% today.


Key drivers of workspace flexibility

  • flexibleworkspace_termspatialflexibility
    Build operational flexibility into your real estate
  • flexibleworkspace_speed
    Solve the most urgent requirements with the 'easy button'
  • flexibleworkspace_capitaldefferal
    Avoid upfront costs and only pay for the duration of your term
  • flexibleworkspace_endtoenddelivery
    Outsource delivery risk to third-party experts
  • flexibleworkspace_employeeengagement
    Leverage shared amenities to enhance the workspace experience
  • flexibleworkspace_costreduction
    Reduce space by building a more efficient footprint

Our services

We help our clients select the best flexible workspace operator to meet their individual needs whether that is outsourcing all or a portion of their portfolio.

We support flexible workspace transactions for clients in need of:

  • Coverage for smaller offices
  • New market expansion
  • Managing high growth
  • Integrating M&A
  • Swing space
  • Securing prime assets
  • Innovation hubs
  • Minimizing capital outlay
  • Lifting employee engagement
  • Downsizing from unused space
  • Managing the unexpected
We ensure clients stay current on the continuously evolving flex landscape and leverage the best portfolio solutions.

Flex and Core Strategy / We help clients de-risk an office move or relocation. For occupiers exploring large new office leases, we de-risk a relocation by bringing in an operator to enter a building together. Our clients take a hybrid of traditional office space with the landlord and a flexible agreement with the operator.

Surplus Space Redeployment / We help clients explore savings opportunities for underutilized or unused space. We do this by selecting and partnering with a provider to takeover parts or whole sections of client’s office.

By Request Turnkey Deals / For occupiers not satisfied with existing flex supply, we can advise on operator operators who will activate turnkey, flexible space on-demand in a building of the occupier’s choice.

We help clients optimize their use of flexible workspaces. We understand the underlying business drivers that inform a flexible workspace strategy and have built a 5-step portfolio diagnostic that unearths these opportunities. 

The diagnostic considers key business drivers combined with market supply data to score locations by viability for a flexible workspace solution.

  • Step 1: We analyze key business drivers to score locations by their business case for flexibility and assign each location a ‘flex score’
  • Step 2: We identify target locations for flexibility based on the highest overall scores
  • Step 3: We utilize our global research to rank the maturity of flexible workspace supply in the target markets (‘supply score’)
  • Step 4: We overlay the ‘flex score’ with the ‘supply score’ to grade all the opportunities by combined score
  • Step 5: We provide the client with a set of recommendations along with both qualitative and quantitative impacts

Occupier Services - Flexible Workspace - Colliers Mobility Pass

Colliers Mobility Pass

The Colliers Mobility Pass enables occupiers to supplement their owned and leased offices with a global network of over 5,000 on-demand, flexible spaces for one monthly price per employee.

The Colliers Mobility Program brings the simplicity of a single vendor solution to what is normally a complex operational and financial process.

Get Started

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A global network

  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_locations 5,000 Locations
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_brands 670+ Brands
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_cities 1,600 Cities
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_countries 70 Countries
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_month 100+ Locations Added Every Month
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_longtermgrowth 20,000 Locations Within 3 Years
  • colliers_flexibleworkspace_agreement 1 Platform

How our experts can help


Ensuring full coverage and selection of the right provider to deliver outsourced workspace is complex but critical to a project’s success. With experts in every region, our global flexible workspace consulting team has deep sector knowledge and a track record of helping our Enterprise clients unlock opportunities and creative solutions. 

Our team partners with our network of 5,000+ local brokers to manage flexible workspace transactions. The boundaries of conventional, managed and flexible workspace are blurring, and our approach ensures a unified team covers the entire market.

Acting exclusively as an advisor, with no competing flexible workspace product, Colliers’ agnostic approach to choosing an operator ensures our clients receive the best possible outcome.

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