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Economic Incentives

The Economic Incentives team provides industry-leading negotiation of incentives, operating cost reduction, and compliance management focused on reducing upfront capital investment and recurring costs.

Recognized leader for value creation

Colliers maximizes your return on investment by navigating the entire incentive process from strategy development through project implementation. Incentive negotiations should be pursued when considering new or existing facility expansion opportunities, new job creation, or new capital investment deployment.


Colliers generates savings by pursuing inducements in the areas outlined below.

Our solutions

  • Funds for site preparation, grading, utility extensions
  • Sales tax exemptions on construction materials
  • Structuring development contracts to avoid prevailing wage rates on construction
  • Off-site road improvements
  • Rail construction
  • Land cost
  • Building permit, impact and similar fees
  • Due diligence costs
  • Cash contributions to defray investment or upfit costs
  • Electricity rates, redundancy systems, method and quality of service, service response times and rate guarantees, substation and distribution improvements, transformer ownership, costs associated with serving multiple transformers with varying voltages
  • Telecommunication, natural gas, water and sewer rates, tap fees, impact fees, capacity reservation fees, wastewater surcharges
  • Extension of utilities to the property line or building
  • Property tax rates, asset valuation and method of tax calculation
  • Payments in lieu of property taxes
  • Allocation of tax payments to defray facility development
  • Inventory taxes
  • State and local income tax credits arising from jobs creation or investment
  • Income tax credit carry-forwards
  • Structuring facility occupancy to avoid or reduce tax burden, or preserve tax benefits under alternative ownership scenarios
  • Sales tax exemptions and rebates
  • Right of entry
  • Option prices and terms
  • Site or facility acquisition
  • Financing
  • Development agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Cash incentives tied to job creation
  • Recruiting costs
  • Pre-hire assessment or testing of applicants
  • Pre-hire training program duration and content
  • Post-hire training programs (specialty training programs)
  • Training venue and instructor compensation
  • Incentives tied to employment levels
  • Industry-specific incentive programs
  • Temporary office space during construction
  • Management relocation financial assistance
  • Management travel and lodging during construction and start-up
  • Expedited permitting for building, air, wastewater, etc.
  • Tuition waivers

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Project: Fortune 250 Automotive Retailer, Terrell, TX

Colliers' economic incentives team worked on distribution center consolidation, incentive negotiation, and facility development for a Fortune 250 automotive retailer. Learn more!
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Nov 8, 2021

Project: efacec, Rincon, GA

Colliers' economic incentives team worked on Site selection, real estate and incentives negotiation for a power transformer manufacturing plant. Learn more!
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Dec 16, 2021

Project: Global Grocery Retailer, Moreno Valley, CA

Colliers' economic incentives team team published a comprehensive Request for Proposal and confirmed construction feasibility of both sites, developing complete permitting schedules and construction cost estimates for each. Learn more!
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