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For over 40 years we have delivered wealth management solutions for individuals’ financial needs by combining the qualities and familiarity of a local brokerage firm with the capabilities and resources of a Wall Street clearing firm.

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We are dedicated to developing effective partnerships with our clients by providing sound judgment, investment recommendations and a full spectrum of investment solutions. We deliver these through our proprietary research, fundamental analysis and decades of financial experience. Our knowledgeable and responsive investment professionals work with individuals and families to deliver financial solutions tailored to their needs and their financial well-being for the future.

Products & Services

We offer an array of competitive products and services to help individual investors meet their financial needs.

Colliers Securities and its affiliates help Individuals meet their investment needs through sales and trading. We trade actively in both tax-exempt and taxable secondary fixed income markets.

We offer a broad variety of municipal securities and specialize in trading non-rated revenue bonds. Combining our trading expertise with research on each issue provides significant value and liquidity to investors at critical times.

Our Taxable Fixed Income Sales and Trading desk trades non-investment grade corporate debt, mortgage-backed securities and mortgage derivatives. The team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with extensive product-specific knowledge and experience. They provide institutional customers with the tools and support necessary to execute investment strategies in a wide range of fixed income markets.

Please contact one of our experts to learn more about our fixed income solutions.

The Equity Research team is composed of analysts who have come together out of a passion for extensive, in-depth research. They specialize in the overlooked and under-researched investment opportunities of small- and mid-cap companies, with special emphasis on independent information sources and innovative thinking. The research coverage is idea-driven and balances the twin demands of opportunism for flexibility and universe consistency for maximization of information sources.

Please contact one of our experts to learn more about our equities area.

A Mutual Fund is an investment product that pools money from many investors and invests the money in stocks, bonds, short-term money-market instruments, other securities or assets, or a combination of these investments. Because professional managers provide ongoing supervision of mutual fund holdings, mutual funds can be a quick and efficient means of managing money. In addition, mutual funds may provide diversification, an important element of a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Please contact one of our experts to learn more about mutual funds.

With a managed account, individuals benefit from the expertise of a professional asset manager who invests and manages a specialized portfolio based on your goals. Whether you want a portfolio of stocks, bonds or a combination of the two, we’ll help you find the right managed account to get the diversification and specialization you need.


We also provide advisory services through Envestnet Asset Management, an investment management firm. Envestnet provides a range of investment advisory services through its programs, including managed account and multi-manager portfolios, exchange traded funds (ETF) portfolios, mutual fund portfolios and third party models and model providers portfolios.

Please contact one of our experts to learn more about managed accounts.

An Annuity is a long-term insurance product that pays out income. Many people purchase an annuity to provide a combination of protection, tax deferral and income in retirement. Each of the three annuity types offers unique benefits for individual retirement income needs:

  • Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed principal and guaranteed rates of return, plus tax benefits. (Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.)
  • Variable annuities offer the potential for greater income based on market performance. (Variable annuities are complex investment vehicles that are subject to market risk, including the potential loss of principal invested.)
  • Income annuities provide a specific amount of income for the rest of your life or for a specified length of time. (The underlying income units may be in either fixed or variable investments, thus the income payments may fluctuate over time.)

Please contact one of our experts to learn more annuities.

We can assist you with all of your insurance needs based on your financial goals. Whether it is estate planning or long-term care, we can help you find the appropriate insurance strategy. We offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance

Please contact one of our experts to learn more about our insurance solutions.

Each person’s retirement dreams may look different but they all need to start with a financial plan. We can assist in establishing that plan. We assist individuals and families with a full complement of investment planning services and products to help start, develop, expand and protect their financial portfolio to meet current and future financial goals. Our investment professionals help in determining investment objectives and the appropriate strategy to meet those objectives, regularly working with clients in reviewing and tracking progress toward those goals.

Please contact one of our experts to learn how we can assist with your retirement and financial planning needs.

Money Market funds distributed by National Financial Services, LLC

The five sweep options are:

Please contact one of our experts if you have questions regarding the Money Market funds distributed by National Financial Services, LLC.

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