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Insurance products and solutions for individuals and families.

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Personal Insurance

We understand the importance of protecting your individual and/or family’s assets, both from a property and liability perspective. No different to how we approach assisting our commercial clients, we strive to understand your full risk profile, including physical assets, hobbies, and other non-profit and business interests. We will ensure you have the adequate and appropriate insurance policies to protect you and your family, while in the USA or traveling abroad.

Insurance Coverages

Home insurance provides coverage for structures like your house, shed, or gazebo and belongings like your TV, appliances, furniture, electronics, etc.  It may even help pay towards a guest's medical bills if they're hurt on your property.

Auto insurance helps protect you in case of loss, injury or damage.  Coverage can provide protection in the event you are in an at-fault accident and deemed responsible for property damages and/or bodily injury to another party.  Coverage can also include damage to your vehicle due to collision or other than collision (i.e. hail damage, theft, etc.).  Other protection can include emergency road service, rental reimbursement, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and more.

Personal umbrella insurance is a type of insurance intended to add extra liability coverage over and above another insurance policy, such as auto or homeowners insurance. It is meant to help protect you from large and possibly overwhelming liability claims or judgments.

The things you cherish enough to collect for personal or financial reasons are worth insuring. We can help you through the process so you get the coverage you need to ensure your valuables are protected for the correct amount.

If your active lifestyle includes watercraft vehicles or recreational vehicles, we want to help you choose insurance coverage that helps you protect those vehicles.

Whether you’re planning a quick getaway, cruise, vacation or lengthy international holiday, we can help find insurance that fits every traveler and budget.  Insurance plans that can assist with the not-so-fun parts of travel, like canceled flights, lost bags, unexpected health emergencies, and more.

Contact us today to assist with your insurance needs or to obtain quotations.

In partnership with you, our insurance team will evaluate your risk exposures, insurance requirements and design and implement an insurance program to suit your needs, at a competitive cost.

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