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Trends 2022 Market Forecast Report

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Silicon Valley’s tech-rich suburban landscape has been key to the region’s economic recovery. While the pandemic-driven downturn adversely impacted virtually all markets across the U.S., the impact on vacancy rates in urban locations has been more pronounced than in the suburbs. The R&D property market will remain an important sector in the Valley’s commercial real estate ecosystem as it is often the origin of innovation and discovery. Additionally, because of the nature of specialized building requirements like lab space, remote-work trends are less likely to negatively impact this sector. The trend of R&D product being repositioned into life science will likely continue in 2022 to meet the growing biotech demand. The industrial property sector remains red hot. An accelerated shift to e-commerce coupled with supply chain disruptions continue to bolster demand – Silicon Valley saw industrial annual occupancy gains reach 2.0 million square feet, making it the fastest growing property sector in 2021.

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Trends 2022 Market Forecast Report

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Steffen Kammerer

Regional Managing Director, Bay Area

Silicon Valley

Steffen Kammerer joined Colliers as the Silicon Valley Executive Managing Director in 2021 after a successful career in tenant representation at JLL. Based in San Jose and living on the Peninsula, Steffen has a unique understanding of the market and what it takes to be successful in the Bay Area. Steffen's approach to business is similar to life - people first. With the opportunity to further differentiate Colliers by being a be servant-based leader, Steffen was quick to recognize the value he could bring to the company. In his new role, Steffen is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of Colliers Silicon Valley, including leadership of Agency Leasing and Occupier Services.

After growing up in the Bay Area and marrying his high-school sweetheart, Steffen and his wife, Danielle have two beautiful, energetic boys that keep their hearts and schedules full outside of the office. With a focus on chasing joy in life and supporting those around him, Steffen’s leadership in the Bay Area is bound to take Colliers to the next level.

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