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2021 Healthcare Marketplace

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COVID-19 Exposes Industry Weaknesses But Offers Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic placed a spotlight on the healthcare industry. It exposed an outdated infrastructure that continues to rely on manually completed forms and technological limitations that prevent information from being readily shared and accessible. The pandemic also revealed
our reliance on offshore manufacturing and supply chain limitations and highlighted significant social disparities regarding healthcare access.

While the pandemic illuminated areas of concern, it also accelerated multiple shifts within the healthcare system – many of which were underway before the onset of the pandemic. As a result, the pandemic is forcing the industry to re-assess the patient-provider relationship, recognize the relational changes that have already taken place and the structural modifications required moving forward.

As more and more Americans are vaccinated each day, a return to a new normal inch closer to reality. But while the healthcare industry looks forward to seeing the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, a new set of challenges has begun to unfold. Providers will need to address the physical and emotional toll the pandemic has placed on their employees and the financial impact on their bottom line.

In addition to reviewing the key real estate takeaways for medical office buildings (MOB) in 2020, this report will also highlight several trends and challenges impacting the healthcare system, including:
• The role of technology and telehealth
• How retailing is changing the healthcare landscape
• Why 2030 will be a tipping point in American demographics
• Healthcare reform in a politically charged environment


2021 Healthcare Marketplace

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