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2019 Ada County Multifamily Market Study

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The Boise Apartment segment is continuing to thrive as Boise maintains its top slot in most desirable and fastest growing cities. According to the City of Boise people are moving to Ada County at a rate of 34 new residents every day. The growth has been a benefit to the development industry specifically in the multifamily sector with a 41% increase in unit volume currently under construction or completed since 2015. A strong and diverse local economy, coupled with the high quality of life in the Treasure Valley, is pushing growth over 2% annually—a rate that is expected to continue for many years.

Alongside the population growth, rents are rising. According to a recent website survey on, Boise currently ranks 5th in the nation for rising rents, with an average increase
of 14.4% for one-bedroom apartments during the past year.

This multifamily study helps developers, investors, and owners gain deeper insight into the fundamentals driving the market’s growth, and also provides guidance for making wise and profitable investment decisions. Within the study, you will find an aggregation of data for Ada County (including Boise, Meridian and Eagle) and corresponding insights on the following topics:

» Unit Mix & Vacancy Rates

» Rents & Occupancy by submarket

» Market rents vs. Square feet

» Regional Employment Trends

In this study, we focus our attention on apartment buildings in the Ada County area. We sourced much of the information through the Ada County Apartment Survey, CoStar™ and city construction reports. We invite you to use this study as a tool and a reference, please call us to discuss your apartment investment needs and goals. Let us turn our expertise into your profit!


2019 Ada County Multifamily Market Study

Download Report