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Q2 2018 | Houston Coworking Report

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Coworking Space - How Houston Stacks Up...

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In an entrepreneurial rich town like Houston, the real benefit of the new coworking concept is to create an environment where startups or entrepreneurs can find a professional environment with the added potential of collaboration with other like-minded people.These coworking spaces are an odd mix of incubator space for new concepts, overflow, or temporary project space for established players and in some cases, just a cooler place for small companies to do what they do. Regardless, this rich environment fills a great niche in Houston, a town well known for launching new tech (NASA pun intended) and new business concepts.

The major coworking players in Houston’s office market are Regus (also known as Spaces Regus), Boxer Workstyle and WeWork. Regus has been providing office space to single users and startups for decades. It’s only been in the past few years since new coworking concepts have entered the Houston market that Regus has introduced a more contemporary open coworking concept,
much different from the traditional executive suite layout.

Boxer Workstyle is a product of Boxer Properties, a value-add commercial real estate company that owns, leases and manages office, retail and resort properties. Boxer Workstyle has 40 locations in the Houston area.

WeWork first opened in Houston in 2017 and has two locations and 1,600 members in the market, which is tiny when compared to WeWork’s global footprint of 268,000+ members in 287 locations, 23 countries and 77 cities.


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Q2 2018 | Houston Coworking Report

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