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2020 Q1 Office Columbia Report

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Office activity contingent on the longevity of COVID-19

Key Takeaways

  • The onset of the Coronavirus will have immediate short term and long term impacts to the U.S. office market and even the Columbia office market.  
  • Although office investment sales were robust in the first quarter of 2020, the real impact of COVID-19 will be the absence of office investment sales over the next few quarters.
  • Another aspect to take into careful consideration is if COVID-19 impacts properties to the extent that some lenders begin to experience loan defaults.    

Capital available for real estate

Due to current economic conditions and the volatility of the stock market, investors have money and are searching for an alternative way to use it. Despite the COVID-19 virus outbreak and the temporary setbacks it will eventually cause; when business operations resume, some real estate sector will provide real estate will still be a solid investment choice for investors, although pricing of these assets may be very different in a post COVID-19 period.  The office market will continue to experience some recovery throughout 2020, but the office investment market will be slow to recover for fear that what was learned by working remotely will have a noticeable impact on the need for office space in the future. 

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For more information, including the market summary statistics, download the full research report.

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2020 Q1 Office Columbia Report

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David Lockwood

Executive Vice President and COO | South Carolina


I have a great appreciation for business competition and enjoy helping our team members win. This has been relevant in my career in brokerage activities with our clients and now with my approach to management. I enjoy seeing the success of people within Colliers who apply a strong work ethic and perservere to win assignments. I possess a strong passion for helping our clients achieve their goals whether it is in leasing space or determining solutions to complicated real estate matters. 

I am very active in numerous real estate organizations. I am a South Carolina Real Estate Commissioner. I am currently the Vice President of SIOR Global and will assume the role of President-Elect in October 2022.

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