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2020 Atlanta Parking Rates Survey

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Atlanta monthly, daily maximum and hourly parking rates relatively unchanged from last year as work from home trend empties parking decks.

Monthly reserved parking rates in Atlanta

Overall, reserved monthly parking rates in Atlanta’s urban core experienced just a slight decline over last year, modestly decreasing by 0.4%. This ended a consecutive string of annual increases. The average monthly parking rate in Atlanta now stands at $149; with the overall low and high remaining steady at $60 and $250 respectively.

CODA, in Midtown Atlanta, continues to hold the top spot for the market in reserved monthly parking. This keeps Midtown at the highest reserved parking rate average in the city; however, the submarket did experience a 5% decline in its reserved average this year.

Elsewhere, Buckhead Atlanta had a 5% increase in its reserved average in 2020, leading the Atlanta market.

Monthly unreserved parking rates in Atlanta

The unreserved parking rate average increased for a fifth consecutive year, up 0.4% in 2020. Both the low and high remain unchanged. Downtown Atlanta saw its unreserved high increase to $160; occurring at 191 Peachtree. There were no other significant changes to note in the other submarkets, with the exception of Buckhead’s unreserved average increasing 2% from last year.

Daily maximum and hourly parking rates in Atlanta

Daily maximums and hourly parking rates showed no change from last year’s survey. Downtown remains on top with a daily high steady at $40. Buckhead was the only submarket to see any movement this year. The maximum daily rate high increased 9% to $35 here; also, the daily maximum low is up to $10, representing a 25% increase year-over-year.

How much is monthly and daily parking in Downtown Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta and Buckhead Atlanta? Download the Colliers 2020 Atlanta Parking Survey report to find out.


2020 Atlanta Parking Rates Survey

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