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Atlanta Economic Indicators Report | Colliers Index sinks to 3

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The Colliers Index has been downgraded to a 3 from a 6 in March. This score reflects the continued effects of COVID-19 upon economic conditions in the United States. Atlanta is no exception to the negative circumstances; however, its industry diversity and significance as a regional distribution hub will help the area recover quicker than most other major metros.

Current Market Conditions

Where to even begin? The economy has basically shut down and remains in flux. A recession is likely, if not already here. And the March jobs report reflected the beginning of the impact of COVID-19 to the nation's employment situation. The indicators remain discouraging.


Metro Atlanta is beginning to see a hit to its economy. The restaurant and hospitality sectors have been crushed. Job number from the latest data (February) are already showing losses. If not for positive Q1 office and industrial data, the index would be lower.


Stocks are in bear market territory, hitting levels not seen since 2017. Signs of revival have sprung up as of late, but the market will remain volatile until a promising end to the pandemic.


As anticipated, oil has dipped into the $20s and nations are running out of storage options as surpluses increase. OPEC is expected to make major cuts to production levels in the coming months.


The Fed slashed its benchmark interest rate to zero in March, and plans to keep it at this level until the economy has 'weathered' the COVID-19 pandemic. Quantitative easing of $700B is expected to be the first installment of more moves later to help keep markets calm.


Forecasted GDP from multiple sources show a bloodbath. Q1 is anticipated to be positive given productivity in the first 2 months of the year; however Q2 projections of -34.0% are staggering. 


Atlanta Economic Indicators Report | Colliers Index sinks to 3

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Scott Amoson

Director - Research


Scott is the Director of Research for Colliers International in Atlanta, Georgia.  In his role, Scott supports all of the company's brokers in the Atlanta office.  He also manages the Research Associate in the company, and mentors an intern annually during the summer.

Scott began his real estate career in 2000 as a research assistant with Richard Bowers & Co., a local brokerage firm.  He joined Colliers International in Atlanta in 2003.  Scott specializes in aiding the company's clients with geographical, informational and analytical research.  With his extensive knowledge, he provides customized research data including:  market trends, lease and sales comparables, plats/ownership information, demographics, prospect information and economic information.  In addition to supporting the company's brokers and staff, his other responsibilities include compiling and writing quarterly market and submarket newsletters, maintaining the company's internal database of over 10,000 sales and lease transactions, and tracking news/trends related to Atlanta's commercial real estate market.  He is frequently called upon by local news sources for his knowledge and expertise of real estate matters in Atlanta.

As a member of the Colliers International Research Council, he advises on quarterly conference calls and provides valuable input on matters directing the research platform for Colliers International.  Scott was recently selected as the Research Ambassador for the Southeast Region as a part of Colliers International's Centers of Excellence platform.

Scott is a native of Atlanta, and enjoys spending time with his wife Lupe and daughter Sienna.  He is an avid golfer and loves vacationing with family.

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