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Westwind Plaza Shops - #1
Westwind Plaza Shops - #2
Westwind Plaza Shops - #3
Westwind Plaza Shops - #4

For Sale

$5,300,000 USD

  • Convenient site plan with easy access: The Property offers generous 4.7 per 1,000 parking, with customer parking conveniently located at the entrances to each suite, and employee parking convenient to the rear entrances. The signalized intersection with Westwind Parkway, as well as the curb cuts from Indian School Road and Westwind Parkway offer safe left and right turn access points.

  • Highly visible and attractive architecture: Positioned on Indian School Rd, the building is highly visible to traffic in both directions. All buildings within Westwind Center are of consistent design, of high-end building materials and attractive design, which are subject to CC&R’s to assure the properties and grounds will be well maintained.

  • Security in cash flow through income diversity across numerous tenants: With 14 tenants on the roster, the largest three tenants account for only 15.0%, 11.3% and 10.2% of the rent roll; with the other 11 tenants representing between 4.0% and 7.5% each.

  • Security in cash flow through diversity in services: This offering includes a diverse tenant mix that caters to the immediate trade area. 43% of the shops space is occupied by restaurants (5); 24% by healthcare, personal and community service (5); 12% by entertainment and fitness (2); and 15% by financial services and management (2).

  • Strong retail location: Adjacent to a Fry’s Marketplace-anchored center, this is the key neighborhood intersection for shopping and other services. In addition to Fry’s grocery store, Starbucks, Purcell’s Goodyear Tire, Walgreen’s, Chevron, Circle K, and McDonald’s are at this intersection.

  • Strong existing demographics: Densely populated, the 1-mile radius surrounding the Property consists of young families totaling 15,437 people with average household incomes of $76,441, and 99,372 people are within a 3-mile radius. Upscale, master-planned communities surround the site, including Westwind, Garden Lakes and La Paz.

  • Predictable growth will fuel this intersection in the future: Another ±1,000 acres just one mile east of the Property will be developed with the newest generation of residences and employment facilities, further supporting the businesses that occupy the Property.

  • 04/08/2021
  • 10555 W Indian School Road, Avondale, AZ 85392