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VA Compensated Work Therapy/ Transitional Residence - #1
VA Compensated Work Therapy/ Transitional Residence - #2

This single-tenant property consists of 17,500-rentable square feet building that was developed in 1970 and remodeled in 2018 to the VAs strict renovation standards as use for a Compensated Work Therapy/Transitional Residence for local Veterans. The GSA invested $730,000 for tenant improvements to this building illustrating their commitment to this location. This first-generation lease was executed for 10-years-firmterm effective February 6, 2018, and expiring February 5, 2028. The lease provides for 3% annual Operating Cost Rent escalations. The site includes twenty-two (22) parking spaces of which two (2) are handicapped reserved, and one (1) is designated for van drop-off/
loading area on .70 acres.