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T3 at The Mercantile - #1

Industrial warehouses have a certain soul. They are places of collaboration, creation, innovation. They embody entrepreneurship. T3 has all those characteristics, plus the efficiency and amenities of new construction. It is a vintage concept built new, a workplace designed for recruitment and retention of top talent, a place where cutting-edge innovators can find a home.
Future innovation is founded on sustainability of our environment, and deeply ingrained in everything that Hines touches. We are dedicated to building LEED certified projects, and T3 is no exception. With timber as the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building types.
Timber is a rapidly renewable resource. Modern heavy timbers are sourced from managed forests that utilitze certified sustainable forestry practices.
T3’s construction consists of using young trees versus old growth trees to sustain forestry practices. T3 will store 3,646 metric tons of caron dioxide. T3 will take the equivalent of 996 cars off the road due to its wood construction. By using wood, T3 avoids 1,411 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.