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  • For sale
Rare highly visible hard corner property with GB2 future use overlay zoning - #1

For Sale

$6,000,000 USD

The GB (Gateway Business) District is established to allow for the consistent
development of areas surrounding community gateways or entryways. It is
designed to ensure that uses developing in these areas are compatible in
nature and appearance and are encouraged to feature high standards of
architecture, landscaping and site planning.
The GB District is further subdivided into the GB1, GB2 and GBE
(Entertainment) Districts. The GB1 District is intended for mixed use,
primarily commercial, development allowing a variety of highest and best
land use alternatives with flexible development standards.
The GB2 District also allows for a mixing of development types but is
further intended to allow medium to high density residential projects within
a mixed-use neighborhood with a limiting of allowable industrial uses.