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Mixed Use Site Office-Flex-Retail-Pads-Hotel - #1

The HV x 19 District is a new and modern, millennial-focused mixed-use development, consisting of approximately 28 acres, providing a live, work and play environment. Zoning is C2/CP-GCP.

Download brochure below for preliminary site plan, parcel sizes and availability.

Located at the southeast corner of 19th Avenue and Happy Valley Road, the site is adjacent to the Norterra Planned Unit Development (Norterra PUD), which comprises approximately 397.86 acres at the northwest corner of 19th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.

The Norterra PUD and adjacent Happy Valley/19 MXD will create a sense of place and community for its residents, USAA employees, and visitors to the retail shops, offices and Deer Valley community. The mixed-use development will help support the residential needs of existing and future employees at USAA, as well as the larger community in the Deer Valley Village.

The residential portion of the project takes into consideration the varying income levels of the Deer Valley Village in an effort to provide nearby housing options that will help reduce the commute times and traffic congestion that would otherwise occur without nearby viable residential opportunities in proximity to the growing employment base.