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Meander Park & Boardwalk - #1
Meander Park & Boardwalk - #2
Meander Park & Boardwalk - #3

Meander Park & Boardwalk is a proposed commercial planned unit development located on the north side of Highway 55 and Arrowhead Drive.

The over 18-acre site is surrounded by wetlands to the west and to the south with approximately 6 acres of developable land on the site. The overall intent of the development is to provide a walkable, aesthetically pleasing entertainment and relaxation destination that incorporates the natural beauty of the land while providing access to desirable amenities that benefit nearby residents of Medina as well as other surrounding communities.

The anchor of the development will be an elegant sprawling event and entertainment venue featuring a grand ballroom, lounge areas, boardwalk, plazas, a willow grove and a conservatory. The venue will be managed by the = development group and designed to host a wide variety of events such as weddings, celebrations of life, corporate events, small musical/theatrical performances, fine art displays, proms, botanical showcases, fundraisers, fashion shows, speaking engagements and other cultural celebrations. At this stage, aside from the venue and its components, the remaining buildings would ideally be occupied by the following types of businesses: Family restaurants, professional offices, cocktail lounges, breweries, indoor/ outdoor food halls, daycares, salons, med spas, bakeries, ice cream shops, toy stores, fast casual food services, boutique fitness facilities, wine/craft brew shops and/or photography studios.