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Lynnfield Office Park - #1
Lynnfield Office Park - #2
Lynnfield Office Park - #3
Lynnfield Office Park - #4

Lynnfield Office Park is comprised of four (4) identically designed two-story suburban-style office buildings that are approximately 70,000 square feet each. The buildings are constructed with floor to ceiling windows that captures the light from outside and generates a beautiful image of the tranquil park-like setting back to the viewer. The atmosphere of Lynnfield Office Park allows tenants to bring the outdoors in. Being surrounded by nature and greenery has been known to bring the "happiness effect" among individuals. Nature can boosts one's creativity and well-being. Lynnfield has the most ideal setting just for this effect to help sharpen performance within the work place while also calming the mind. Nearby Properties: i-Bank Tower and Marquee Red. To get in touch with the on-site management office, please contact Dale Bowden, Director of Property Management with In-Rel Properties, at 901-333-8660.