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  • Sold
Firestone - Chesapeake, VA - #1
Firestone - Chesapeake, VA - #2

Sales Price: $3,650,000
Cap Rate: 5.08%
Guarantor: Investment Grade Credit (A)
Term Remaining: 18 years
Rate Increases: 7.5% x 5 years

This will be the fourth net lease investment this client has purchased with help of NLX. Our client was not part of a 1031 exchange but realized the value of deploying idle cash that was earning next-to-no interest in her bank and access to historic low interest rates. As a result of this acquisition, our client benefited by not only accelerating depreciation via a cost segregation study, which sheltered much of her pre-tax cash flow, but also secured a reliable and growing income stream for the next 15+ years without the need for management.

"I am happy with the purchase, but my accountant is even more pleased with the tax savings its created!" - Carolyn

  • 11/10/2020
  • Offering a rare 18+ year lease committment, this investment is backed by an investment grade credit guarantor that is responsible for all operating costs related to the property. The tenant's business is one that requires customers to physically visit the brick and mortar locations, ensulating it from online shopping and Amazon. The property is situated adjacent to a 7-Eleven, and is outparcel to a Walmart Supercenter. With a population density of over 100K in a 5-mile radius, and household incomes in excess of $120K, the underlying real estate is sure to appreciate as the lease term subsides.