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  • Sold
Burger King - Sylvester, Georgia - #1
Burger King - Sylvester, Georgia - #2

Sales Price: $3,548,855
Cap Rate: 4.75%
Guarantor: Consolidated Burger Holdings (Franchisee: 70+ units)
Term Remaining: 20 years
Rate Increases: 6.5% x 5 years

There is no exchange too complicated that we can’t handle.  A repeat client of NLX wanted to exchange out of four (4) properties to purchase a single net lease asset.  Originally thinking a reverse exchange would be a better path to achieving their goals, NLX ended up sourcing an off-market opportunity that met our clients’ investment parameters and more importantly, allowed them the time to sell each property without having to go through the efforts and expense of a reverse exchange.


  • 08/24/2022
  • The Burger King investment proved attractive because of the long operating history, over fifteen (15) years, and recent lease extension for an additional twenty (20) years. The lease is absolute triple net, such that there are no landlord responsibilities owed, and the franchisee is a seasoned operator with healthy financials and single digit rent-to-sales ratio at this location.