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  • Sold
Athleta - Pasadena, California - #1
Athleta - Pasadena, California - #2

Sales Price: $10,000,000
Cap Rate: 6.26%
Guarantor: Corporate
Term Remaining: 4 years
Rate Increases: 10% per Option

Talk about down to the wire, NLX negotiated and closed the deal in less than three (3) weeks, with only days left on our client’s 180-day exchange deadline. Needless to say, this Pasadena, CA investment not only completed our client’s 1031 exchange requirements, it did so without sacrificing on quality of real estate.

 "The location on Colorado is everything I hoped it would be. Thanks for your persistence in finding a property where we had a meeting of the minds." - Les

  • 07/07/2020
  • Located in the heart of Old Pasadena known for its open air shopping experience, there is significant draw to this area given the +200K population density in a 3 mile radius and average household incomes that exceed $120K.  The property shares the same block with big names such as Apple, Tiffany & Co, and Crate & Barrel and is regarded as generational real estate that will preserve value and grow with time.  This investment transacted at a 6.26% cap rate offering four (4) years of term and two (2) 5-year options.