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  • For sale
5300 SE Hawthorne Road Gainesville, FL 32641 - #1

Property Highlights:


• Amazing development opportunity on one of the main travelways into Gainesville from abutting North Florida counties that depend on Gainesville as an economic hub.
• Over 50 acres in Eastern Alachua county with high demand for mixed use development among some of the County’s most coveted natural beauties (Newnan’s Lake, Hawthorne Trail and Payne’s Prairie)
• Just minutes away from Gainesville Regional Airport and the thriving downtown area of Gainesville - home to restaurant, the County Courthouse, hotels and professional offices.
• This land is in a prime location for development to meet some of the county’s most pressing needs such as medical facilities, Grocery stores and/or Grocery-Anchored centers, single family homes and affordable housing.
• The site sits in a federal opportunity zone which affords the buyer with advantageous tax shelters for purchasing the property.
• The property can be served by potable water and sanitary sewer service from Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU)