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Omaha Really Shines When it Comes to the Cost of Doing Business

What Draws Companies To Omaha? Site Selection Is An Art And A Science, Expert Says |

Why Omaha? Toast executives have said the company picked Omaha for its first U.S. office outside of Boston in part because of its restaurant scene.

Site selection is increasingly both a science — weighing costs of doing business — and an art, said John Boyd, president and chief executive of Princeton, New Jersey-based site selection firm The Boyd Co.

“The art has to do with livability and lifestyle factors like restaurants, like being millennial friendly, walkability and attractions that a young workforce finds desirable,” Boyd said. “Being in a market that has some panache, some value to bring over perhaps some more information technology-related activity. All of that really distinguishes Omaha,” he said.

But Omaha really shines when it comes to the cost of doing business.

It is “one of the most cost-effective markets in the Midwest” when looking at the price of office space per square foot and the average price of homes in the area.

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