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New York Presbyterian Hospital On Call Commissioning Services

New York, NY

New York Presbyterian 

Colliers has been selected to serve as the commissioning service provider for all renovation projects occurring within NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Columbia Campus.  Colliers has provided commissioning services for more than two dozen projects, including:

  • Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York (CHoNY) Bundled Projects: The CHoNY Bundled program includes several projects that are providing a considerable impact to the inpatient program within the children’s hospital.  Projects include the creation of a new PICU, a cardiac ICU, an antepartum floor, and a digestive health specialties floor. 
  • Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Unit: The BMT project added an 18-bed protective environment unit to the 11th floor of Harkness Pavilion. The project included the construction of a new pre-manufactured mechanical room on the 12th floor roof that housed an air handling unit, all of the patient room VAV boxes, medical air and vacuum, domestic hot water heaters, heating hot water heat exchangers, and associated electrical switchgear. 
  • Core Laboratory Projects: There are three new laboratory spaces that support the critical operations of the hospital that are being relocated and expanded in the Harkness Building.  A new automated lab is being created to house all of the automated processes related to core lab functions that includes a dedicated air handling unit, year-round cooling, and emergency power.  The new manual lab will be constructed following the automated lab and will support the bench-lab functions.  The cGMP lab will be constructed to BSL-3 standards and will support both lab analysis and research functions.
  • Emergency Department: The emergency department will be completely renovated over 6 phases while the emergency department remains active. The make-ready work includes the creation of a new waiting room and triage area, an overflow area for treatment and temporary stay with 16 beds, and a new comprehensive psychiatric emergency program. The main project includes the demolition of the exiting hospital main entrance and the creation of a new entrance with mechanical room above, a new air handling unit to serve the entire emergency department, new medical vacuum, and expansion of the electrical systems.