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Colliers Nashville Office Retreat - 2023

Colliers Nashville's 2023 Office Retreat in Sewanee, TN




With Business Strategist John Lowry, President of Thrivence, LLC, leading the way, we held our 2023 office retreat at The Sewanee Inn in Sewanee, TN. The retreat was a great two days of collaboration, team-building exercises, and giving back to the community. During one of the exercises, the group was divided into seven teams and tasked with building a bike for either a boy or a girl. With various obstacles in place, the exercise intended to teach everyone how to pull together as a team to achieve a common goal of successfully overcoming everyday challenges. The build was a great learning exercise, with every team rising to the challenge and successfully completing their bike under time. The bikes were donated to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department for distribution to lucky boys and girls in the Franklin County community.