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Massachusetts Trial Courts Region III

Newburyport, Lawrence, MA

MA Newburyport 

Colliers provided energy auditing and retro-commissioning services for the Fenton Judicial Center, Newburyport District Court, and Newburyport Superior Court, collectively known as the Trial Courts, Region III.

Colliers provided a means to systematically optimize each buildings’ core and critical systems so that they operate more efficiently and effectively. The primary focus was on reliability of the comfort systems and maintaining a suitable work environment for the occupants. Additionally, Colliers verified that the facility staff had adequate system documentation and training to maintain operations and ensure that the energy savings persist.

In performing its task of identifying considerable no-/low-cost opportunities in addition to capital improvement initiatives to save energy, Colliers approached the retro-commissioning project at the Trial Courts, Region III via a four phase process which will include: 1) Planning Phase, 2) Investigation Phase, 3) Implementation Phase, and 4) Measurement & Verification Phases.