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Why Do You Work So Hard?

January is the month when most of us are “looking forward” and asking ourselves what we’re going to accomplish in the New Year and how are we going get there.  Here is something that might help you in that effort so you can accomplish some critical goals and tasks in this new year.
Consider creating a personal “Vision” document that incorporates your personal and professional aspirations.  I’m not talking about a company vision statement posted on the wall somewhere, but a real, meaningful vision that explains why the heck you work so hard every day doing what you do.   Once I created my “Vision” and then set my goals based on that vision,  it was a game-changer for me. 
Your Vision is like a roadmap for your personal and professional life.  As Brian Moran puts it, “a compelling vision provides meaning and direction.”  If the goals, tasks and activities you are considering don’t match up with your Vision, then don’t do them. 
Here are a few tips if you decide to create your own Vision document:

  • You will not finish it in a single sitting.  Start by brainstorming and writing down what is important to you and where you want to be in 3, 5 and 15 years.  Review and revise it every day until you finish it.
  • Use the present tense and write your statements as if you have already accomplished your goals (i.e., I make $xxx per year; I work out 5 times a week and I’m in the best shape of my life; My children have graduated from college, know how to handle money, save, minimize debt and financially support themselves; I am a partner at xxxx; I’m a go-giver; etc.)
  • Read your Vision before you start each workday.
  • Your Vision is a living document.  Revise and update it often.
  • Share it with somebody you trust and ask for feedback.

With a Vision, you’ll be surprised to find a little extra determination to work through the difficult tasks that so often determine whether you have a good year or a great year. 


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