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What Gets Measured Gets Done

All successful people have a number.  It’s a number that means something to them individually, and it can be measured.  And it’s a number they can control by their actions.

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In his book How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie tells the story about how Charles Schwab turned an underperforming steel mill at Bethlehem Steel into its top performing mill even though the plant manager had already tried everything to motivate his people to produce more.  Learning that the day shift had produced 6 “heats” that day, Schwab wrote a huge number “6” on the plant floor with a piece of chalk.  When the night shift came in, they naturally asked for an explanation behind the big number on the floor.  Not wanting to be outperformed, the night shift worked together as a team to outproduce the dayshift.  The next morning, the dayshift arrived with a large number “7” written on the floor. The back and forth competition continued, and the next thing you know, this plant was the top performing mill in the company.

As a commercial real estate advisor, I typically set an income goal each year.  But that’s not my “number”.  I can’t make someone hire me to buy, sell or lease a property for them.  And I can’t make someone purchase or lease a property either.  But I can control the number of company owners/execs or property owners (prospects) I call each week.  That is a measurable, controllable number that I determined will affect my ability to reach my income goal each year.  For the insurance agent, it might be the number of prospect lunches or breakfasts each week.  For a manager, it may mean meeting individually with 5 employees a week.  For the receptionist, it may mean responding to prospect email inquiries within 2hours.

We all have a number no matter what position or job we hold.  What’s your number?


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