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Prepping for a 2021 Recovery – with Marshall Clinkscales of Colliers International

Marshall Clinkscales, a principal at  Colliers International Houston, began his Houston real estate career in 1972. His expertise includes office tenant representation, land acquisitions and development. Prior to joining Colliers, Clinkscales owned and operated MSC Properties, a Houston commercial real estate company he established in 1981.

Clinkscales was a guest on THE RALPH BIVINS PROJECT, a new podcast published by Realty News Report.

To listen to the entire interview, CLICK HERE


Here is an excerpt of Clinkscales’ appearance on THE RALPH BIVINS PROJECT:

Ralph Bivins: Houston’s severe economic crisis in the 1980s resulted in thousands of layoffs, bank failures, soaring vacancies and property foreclosures. How does the Houston market now compare to the 1980s?

Marshall Clinkscales: Well, the 1980s were an extremely difficult time, one of the most unusual economic experiences I’ve ever had. It was a total meltdown of the financial industry. We wiped out the Savings & Loan industry. We came pretty darn close to bankrupting the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC.) There was just a period when absolutely nothing happened. It went on for several years. It was very scary, because there was no activity. As we got out of that environment, the government did a lot of auctions. At the first two or three, they didn’t sell very much, until they could get the prices down much lower.

Ralph Bivins: And today’s environment?

Marshall Clinkscales: This event, caused by a virus, is different. Thank goodness our financial institutions are still there and able to help support various businesses. The Federal Government has provided stimulus. That’s a good thing, though it has dire consequences when you allow your debt to go up so much. We don’t know how this will play out. There is activity in our market. That is an especially good thing.

Ralph Bivins: Tell me what you think about the office market?

Marshall Clinkscales: It’s a very dramatic thing to go out in our market and look for space for a client. First of all... Click here to read the full excerpt on

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Marshall Clinkscales

Executive Vice President


Marshall Clinkscales began his Houston real estate career in 1972. He joined Colliers in 2008. Prior to joining Colliers, Marshall owned and operated MSC Properties, Inc., the Houston-based commercial real estate company he established in 1981.

Marshall has extensive experience in retail site selection working with clients including Burger King, Golden Corral, Firestone, HEB Grocery Stores, Family Dollar Stores, Texas Citizens Bank, Texas Dow Employees Credit Union, and Fidelity Investments.

In addition, he provided asset management services for Security Benefit Life Insurance Company with services including management, leasing, redevelopment, and ultimately, brokerage of his client’s assets.

His expertise includes office tenant representation, land acquisitions and development. Key office clients have included Litton Loan Servicing, L.P., IMG Financial Group, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Beyond Finance, and Cornerstone Home Lending Inc., where he has responsibility for many of Cornerstone’s branch offices locally and nationally.

Marshall also represents investors acquiring land for development and income producing properties. A current project involves development of just over 126 acres of retail land at Beltway 8 and Fairmont Parkway, recognized as one of Southeast Harris County’s most dynamic retail areas. Among his development projects, he has completed a medical office building, a Class A office building, and a retail center for clients.

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Prepping for a 2021 Recovery | Realty News Report