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Trust. Commitment. Love.

I recently heard Coach Lou Holtz speak and he was amazing. Lou Holtz is most famous for coaching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from 1986-1996 posting a 64–9–1 record with 9 consecutive bowl game appearances and then later being an ESPN college football analyst. The guy was a winner.


I haven’t stopped thinking about Coach Holtz’s three simple rules for living since I saw him speak last week:


  1. Trust
    • Always do what's right.  “There's never a right time to do the wrong thing, and there's never a wrong time to do the right thing.”
  2. Commitment
    • Always do things to the best of your ability with the time allotted.
  3. Love
    • Show people that you care about them.  People know you love them by your actions, not your words.

Coach Holtz’s speech was not just entertaining and enjoyable, but it challenged me personally. I can’t find anything wrong with his three rules for living. Here’s the link to a six minute video with an excerpt from a similar speech Coach Holtz made at a graduation commencement.  It’s definitely worth your time.


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