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Houston office wins an award for new lease management tool

Crissy Nolen Award

Every year the Colliers Influencer awards are prestigious and sought after by offices around the country. There were eleven total submissions in the Driving Business Efficiencies & Effectiveness category and our very own Crissy Nolen took home the award at this year's conference! Project members included Jay Kyle, Principal & Director; Chris Winters, Principal & Director; and Kathy Howell, Executive Marketing Coordinator. 

The winning project was a new lease management tool created when a client acquired additional companies - rapidly growing the number of locations to manage. As part of our services, Colliers provided lease management assistance for our client's offices nationwide, which included new leases, renewals, terminations, etc. for office and industrial requirements. Crissy created a master database providing the client a single point of access for all information encompassing the client's national locations. The online tool maps the client's locations, includes lease expiration summaries and photos of the buildings, provides links to all available Colliers market reports, provides monthly activity reports and also includes updated contact lists for all parties involved.

Due to Crissy's initiative, clients can now have immediate access to updated live lease information, documents and reports in an easy to use, secure system with 24/7 access - all at no additional cost to the client. The new tool is a valuable innovation in the Houston office and is now being recognized as a best practice nationwide.

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