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Great Leaders Take Time Away Regularly To Think And Strategize

"Great leaders take time away regularly to think and strategize."  I wrote down that quote by Glenn Smith a few years before I hired him as my Executive Coach.  That statement really convicted me because I never did that. I rarely gave my mind space to breath because I was always trying to maximize every minute of the day.  If I was in my truck, I was listening to the radio.  If I was waiting for an appointment, I was checking emails on my phone.  When I got home from work, I was doing something with my family.  It is not wonder that some of my best ideas came when I was taking a shower.  I gave my mind some space to think without distractions.

I now schedule a 3-hour appointment on my calendar each week for strategic thinking, and I protect that time on my calendar just like I would if it were a client meeting.  Brian Moran, in his book The Twelve Week Year, calls this a "Strategic Block".  I try to schedule my Strategic Block in a location outside the office or at least in a quiet conference room where nobody will distract me.  I put my phone on silent and I don't look at emails.  I use this time to work ON my business instead of IN my business.  I'm already seeing some great results, and I look forward to my Strategic Block each week.

I create an agenda for my Strategic Block, and I work through each item on my list.  I have found that I am using many of the same agenda items each week.  

Do you regularly take time away to think and strategize?  If not, consider trying it for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference in your business and personal life.  If you want a list of sample agenda items to use during your own Strategic Block, email me and I will send you my list.


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