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Get your mind right!


My thoughts and feelings have been all over the place this year, and I finally got fed up with this crazy, perpetual holding pattern.  While doing some soul searching, a statement the late Herb Appel - my old boss, mentor and dear friend - once said to me kept replaying in my head: "Barkley, you've got to get your mind right."

Herb was right!  Mindset is critical, so I finally got it through my head that I must get my mind right and create a new "normal" for myself.   So I reviewed the old strategies that worked well for me in the past, and I added them back into my new "normal."

  • I work with a renewed and updated personal Vision;  
  • I tackle the most important and difficult tasks first thing every morning; 
  • I schedule a few hours alone each week without distractions to think and strategize;
  • I update my quarterly goals (12 Week Year), and review and work on them every day;
  • I check my emails in "time blocks" so I don't get distracted every few minutes by a new email;
  • I schedule a few hours each week to work on my 2021 deal pipeline (prospecting).

Having hope that this perpetual holding pattern won’t last forever is critical, but it's not a strategy.  Changing your thoughts will change your actions, and changing your actions will change your results.  Get your mind right!

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