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Colliers International South Carolina wins two national marketing awards from Colliers USA

Columbia, SC – When Colliers International South Carolina’s marketing team brought home a national award for Best New Business Proposal from Colliers USA in 2015, many barriers were broken for a Colliers firm in a small market. A new plateau was reached in 2016, when the team was nominated in four of five marketing and research categories and brought home two awards: Best New Market Intelligence Initiative and Outstanding Marketing Contributor.

Liz McCary, Director of Marketing at Colliers South Carolina, said that her team took the win in 2015 as motivation to earn another award in 2016. “We wanted to show our clients across the country and our associates here in South Carolina that we could continue to deliver high-quality property marketing that was cutting-edge not just for our market but for the country.”

Colliers, which has 554 offices in the United States, offers an annual competition between U.S. marketers for categories such as Best New Business Proposal, Best Market Intelligence Initiative and Best Property Marketing Campaign. South Carolina’s marketing team has competed in the past two years against marketers in major metropolitan markets who were presenting on unique commercial real estate offerings.

South Carolina’s first award in 2016 was for Best New Market Intelligence Initiative, for which they presented the company’s data- and results-driven email marketing overhaul, a year-long project in which the marketing team rebuilt their email marketing platform from the ground up to focus on producing strong leads for a variety of properties. The second award was for Outstanding Marketing Contributor, for which McCary was one of two winners nominated by Colliers marketers across the country for her willingness to share design work and marketing ideas with others in the company.

In addition, the marketing team was named a finalist for Best New Business Proposal, for their “Tune In” proposal for the sale of the BOSE Manufacturing Plant in Blythewood, and for Best Property Marketing Campaign, for the leasing of the CU-ICAR campus in Greenville.

“We are extremely proud of our marketing team and of Liz, who has developed our property marketing into an effective and award-winning platform,” said John W. Folsom, President and CEO of Colliers South Carolina. “Liz and her team’s work accelerates the success of our clients and the associates at Colliers day in and day out, and she has given Colliers a property marketing edge that surpasses our competition in the state and helps us compete regionally, nationally and even internationally.”

As for the possibility of winning a marketing award for the third year in a row in 2017, McCary is cautiously optimistic.

“I believe in always doing the highest-quality work possible for our clients, and so I always want to improve year over year,” she said. “For now, I am just proud that we were able to compete on a national level for multiple years.”