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Generation X Is Not as Invisible as You Think

Gen-X represents a unique prospect for brands and retailers; we’re fierce brand loyalists with money to spend. I know what you’re thinking, another voice adding to the swirl around Gen-Xers, and it’s true, it seems almost everything associated with the 1980s is celebrating an anniversary of some kind. Brands like Trivial Pursuit (1979) first released by Hasbro Gaming, the Energizer Bunny, Nintendo’s Game Boy (1989), and even Lexus, Toyota’s luxury line, all celebrate a birthday this year. There was also a New York Times article that dropped earlier this month debunking myths about what it means to be a Gen-Xer and its effect on societal norms. Folks have been quick to dismiss this middle generation, sandwiched between the much talked about boomers and millennials. We’ve been branded slackers, the lost generation and to some, we’re just plain invisible. I’m sure most Gen-Xers would be happy to fly below the radar and deflect all the attention about our so-called demography.

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