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Eastern Connecticut State University

Willimantic, CT

Eastern Connecticut University 

Colliers was engaged to provide retro-commissioning services as part of Eastern Connecticut State University’s participation in the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s Retro-Commissioning Program. Colliers performed a retro-commissioning survey of thirteen academic, residence hall, dining hall, library, student center, public safety, heating plant and science center buildings encompassing 688,183 square feet.

Objectives of the retro-commissioning survey included:

  • Improve building energy and operating performance
  • Identify and resolve building system operation control and maintenance issues
  • Improve the buildings’ ENERGY STAR rating
  • Document system operation, identify O&M staff training needs
  • Increase equipment life-cycle
  • Reduce or eliminate occupant complaints and increase inhabitant satisfaction
  • Ensure the persistence of the improvements over the buildings’ life

Colliers’ proposed solutions to reduce the University’s energy consumption included:

  • Implement unoccupied air flow setpoints for the Science Building
  • Install dual enthalpy economizer sequences
  • Implement demand control ventilation sequences
  • Apply critical valve differential pressure reset on hydronic systems
  • Implement critical zone static pressure reset on VAV systems
  • Reduced CHW pumping to increase Delta T