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Expert Insights: Will Mathews


In-depth market knowledge, deep global connections, immense passion, and some serious hustle.

After a record-shattering 2021, multifamily sales are cooling slightly, but business for Will Mathews continues to heat up.

As Multifamily Lead on the Colliers Capital Markets Board of Advisors, Will is devoted to staying in front of his clients physically and digitally, an investment that’s paid off. He and his team have already racked up a whopping $1.5 billion in sales this year, with another $1.2 billion under contract or on the market.

The secret to Will's success? In-depth market knowledge, deep global connections, immense passion, and some serious hustle. With more than 15 years of experience, Will has his fingers on the pulse of the multifamily industry and taps into that knowledge to accelerate success for his clients.


In an ever-changing environment of rising interest rates, geopolitical uncertainty, and supply chain issues, there’s one thing investors can count on: the fundamental need for housing. It’s no wonder multifamily assets are an investor favorite.

While robust demand drivers and solid fundamentals can provide significant tailwinds for multifamily, being prepared means planning for all outcomes. That’s why Will and his team dig deep into the data, analyzing market conditions, asset class trends, and more.

“We are in constant communication with our clients and are available 24/7. We're transparent every step of the way so that they can make educated decisions.”

For Will, that means tracking opportunities and challenges. One of the headwinds facing multifamily is the cost of borrowing, which doubled within a short time thanks to rising interest rates. As a result, investors are exhibiting caution and being hyper-selective.

Ongoing affordability poses another challenge. Rents are rising at a healthy clip, but some consumers are stretched beyond their budgetary limits, an issue that could ultimately squeeze further price growth.

Finally, despite a national housing shortage, some markets are struggling with oversupply highlighted by 420,000 units being delivered this year domestically. Take Atlanta , which has 13,000 units being delivered this year. “That's a tremendous number of units that need to be absorbed. Even in the face of a significant economic pullback, positive factors such as net migration, job growth, and income growth outweigh the oversupply risk.” says Will.

The good news? Multifamily offers one of the best risk-adjusted returns in commercial real estate over the last decade. There's also a tremendous amount of capital sitting on the sidelines waiting to be deployed. With significant Class A construction in the pipeline and dynamic relationships with major merchant builders, Will and his team are excited for the future.

“Once interest rates become less volatile , and inflation starts to stabilize, I believe the market will be extremely active again. We’re ready to capture the next upswing!”