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Doing What’s Right: Working to Make Diversity & Inclusion Work in the CRE Industry

A message from Scott Nelson, CEO, Occupier Services | Global

Over the past several weeks, our people – as well as their families, their friends and our clients – have been experiencing a profound sadness, disappointment and frustration at the state of racial bias and violence against people of color.  

These feelings have regrettably existed long before the most recent reported acts of brutality in Minnesota, Georgia and Kentucky. But it feels as if we are now at a watershed moment, a moment where resiliency is met with a determination to rise above and make real change happen

We are so proud of our people for being leaders in Diversity & Inclusion within our industry, but we realize now more than ever that we can do more. Listen. Seek to understand. And link arms to bridge the divide and raise our voice against bias and racism.  

Occupier Services is ultimately about people  above spaces, buildings or portfolios. Our clients need workplace solutions that enable their people to meet the unique objectives of their business. The more diverse our teams are, the better we are, and the better our solutions become for our clients.   

To this end, in Occupier Services – and across Colliers – we are actively seeking opportunities to take our Diversity & Inclusion program to a higher level – in service delivery, through our purchasing power, in our communications and solutioning, and in team and client unification.   

This is an example of where our enterprising culture stands out.  Numerous voices will serve as one. Please contact me at with your ideas and feedback.

Find Colliers’ Diversity & Inclusion statement here.